About Us


After working as an Economist for twelve years and becoming a mother I found it increasingly difficult to be away from my family during business trips and my priorities changed. Furthermore, I also wanted to witness our daughters "first" moments while still being a working mother. When my oldest daughter finished her three-year-old dentist appointment and the dentist handed her a princess sticker, her response was, "She is not brown." The dentist, who I am quite fond of, turned red and stated to her hygienist, "We will have to work on that." I thought to myself, I will work on that and at that moment Mocha Products was created in my minds-eye. This event cemented the birth of MochaProducts.com and provided me the opportunity to use my experience and education to create a Brand that uplifts and empowers our children. More importantly, I have been able to witness my daughter's "first" moments.

Shortly after the "She's not brown" incident, while shopping for my daughters I quickly discovered that the amount of merchandise that resembled people of color was virtually nonexistent. Unfortunately, in today's society, the media determines beauty standards, which in turn dictate images in magazines, on television, on products and product lines for children. Sadly enough, this trend begins to pick at the confidence and self-esteem of children of color beginning at an alarming age. Thus, I would search tirelessly for a princess, ballerina or cheerleader themed merchandise to no avail. The merchandise that is marketed to parents for their children is limited to cartoon and fictional characters that typically resemble "mainstream" America. I wanted to provide African-American parents and people of color with merchandise that their children can identify with and admire. The Mocha brand reflects our melting-pot society; we display a beautiful woman of color, an all-American girl, who grows into a beautiful princess. Thus, MochaProducts.com provides options for all parents.

Growing up, my parents, as well as my husband's parents, instilled in us, a pride of our culture, traditions, and heritage. In turn, we wanted to pass along those same values to our children. As a Momprenuer, Wife, Daughter, and Sister I find great pride and joy in bringing MochaProducts.com into the conscience of people of color around the world who want the very best for their children! Enjoy these products designed with you in mind and of course, pass the good word!

Tara Scott,
Founder, MochaProducts.com
Established 2008